The Top 5 Foundations For African American Skin

For African American skin, it is always important to find a foundation color that matches well and gives an even coverage. If you are looking for a long-lasting foundation to wear on a daily basis to match your darker skin tone, then here is a list of the top five choices available to you.

1. Prescriptives Virtual Matte Oil Control Makeup: This is a great choice for oily skin types, if you have oilier African American skin. This goes on as a liquid makeup, and the company also helps you to find the right color available to you. This foundation is oil free, so it won't clog your pores or cause breakouts. It also works to smooth out the skin, and it has an SPF 15 to keep your face protected from the sun a daily basis.

2. MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation: This is an easy foundation for darker skin tones, and they do have several choices in colors for African American skin. It goes on dry, and it gives a matte finish by absorbing oils in the complexion. This is designed for a long wear all day long to provide an even coverage.

3. Monave Mineral Foundation: This is an ideal choice for African American skin because they offer several darker shades of powdered mineral makeup foundation. The great thing about mineral makeup foundation is that you can also easily mix two colors together because they are powdered, so you can custom blend the perfect shade for your skin tone.

4. Milan Minerals Foundation: This is another mineral makeup line that offers several choices in foundation shades for ethnic skin tones. They give detailed advice about what foundation color will work best for your African American skin type based on your skin's undertones. Again, mineral makeup foundation is a wonderful choice for any type of African American skin, especially if you struggle with oil production because it will work to stay on longer all day and also minimize shine.

5. iman.jpgIman Second to None Semi-Loose Powder: Iman has a huge selection within her own cosmetic line of powdered foundations, which are perfect to provide a large range for African American skin tones. They are made of an oil-reducing formula, and they are supposed to provide a shine free finish to any African-American complexion. The formula for these products is infused with minerals, so it will be good for your skin. This brand offers many different choices in color shades for African American skin tones.

And there you have it! This is the best of the best in African American foundation color selections, which will provide you with a beautiful and flawless finish in your makeup application. With any of these foundations, it is important to start out light in your application so that it does not look too heavy or cumbersome on your face. The best look is always natural, so start out light with of any of these foundations to flatter your beautiful features!



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